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emote1975's Journal

2 February
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I’m feeling trapped right now in this moment. I keep telling myself that this moment is temporary and good things come to those who wait. But I have never been good on waiting. I’ve always been the one to just push my boat our faster and see where it takes me; even if it leads to trouble.

I keep telling myself that most things mean nothing unless you share them. If you hoard money, but live like a beggar then you are still a beggar. If you love someone but never tell them, then to them, you never loved them. If you figure out a new way to figure math but never share it, then the world lived on as if your genius was never there.

No one is totally what they do or say, but it shapes the river we navigate. We often make the boxes we find ourselves in. if life isn’t what you want it to be, start doing even little things differently. Go to a different coffee shop. Take a new route home. Go someplace you have always wanted to go – museum, Dirty Franks, North Market on a Saturday morning, a wine tasting. My mom guarantees if I do these things my life will change.